You may have been looking at the scale quite often (sometimes even on the frequency of once each day) and you may be wondering why you haven’t lost much weight as quickly and as much as you would’ve wanted to or even perhaps gained weight. Well today in this article we’ll list some common reasons why you may be experiencing this and how to start slimming down now and losing all that weight you’ve built up over the years and get ready for the summer.

  • You are eating too much bad stuff that’s “low calorie” and thinking that you can get away with it

It’s shocking how many of my clients will eat things like potato chips and pizza or at fast food restaurant burgers and thinking that they can get away with it because it’s within their calorie limit. This is actually an incredibly ignorant thing to say, think of this like your body. Your bodies mission is to keep you alive, so you’ll store fat whenever there is a bunch that can get wasted. You may only drink a 500-calorie sugar-filled drink and think: “OK, well as long as I don’t eat anything that goes over 1000 calories today I should be fine”, but your body can’t predict the future, as long as it has excess sugar that it doesn’t need right now, it will store it as fat in order to prepare for a rainy day.

  • Exercising and thinking that you can eat extra due to it

It is incredibly surprising at how many people tell me this, “I’ve been stagnant for the past 3 days, I haven’t lost any more than half a pound, why is this?”. One of the reasons why is because people are working out and eating more because their body forces it. Eat some better nutrients and get some supplements from Movo movo and stop eating so much.