After a long tiring week, a spa is all it takes to pamper you from head to toe. But you might not always have the time to visit a parlor. And if you have missed booking a spa visit in advance, you can still make up for it by having a spa at home.

Make as many ingredients as you can is a great website if you are looking for recommendations of the best skin care products. Most of the creams and lotions you might need for the spa can be easily replaced by homemade versions. For example, there are plenty of bath and face scrub recipes that you can find online. These do not just help exfoliate the skin but also improve circulation and make you feel relaxed. Rose water is a versatile ingredient used in many beauty products and beauty treatments. You can easily prepare rosewater at home and store it as well.

Hot oil magic

A hair spa leaves your hair feeling soft. This is achieved through two main ingredients deep moisturizing and heat. You can achieve this with something as simple as coconut oil. Simply applying coconut oil on your hair and scalp and covering your hair with a towel dipped in hot water can provide it the kind of conditioning that hair spa offers. Similarly, hot oil massages can be very relaxing.

Let the steam build up

By allowing hot water to run in your shower for a few minutes before you step into the shower, you can prepare an in-home sauna.

Hot water treatment

For the feet soaking them in a tub of warm water with aromatic oils can be a rejuvenating experience. The warmth of the oil on your feet can relax your nerves and the aroma of the oil that is enhanced by the heat can fill the room with a pleasant calming fragrance.…