I learned it the hard way, literally!

Being away from home and sweating it out and then coming back home to piles of chores was definitely not my idea of freedom. I did not trade to work two times extra only because we decided we could do with a little extra.

The fact was that six months into my high paying but an extremely taxing job, I felt that I was burning away. I did not anticipate that I would be dead tired when I am back and the piles of dishes, loads of laundry sitting to be done and dinner yet to be made was nauseating, to say the least.

I decided to take it head on!

So, here is what I did:

  1. Everyone needs to chip in!

The concept of shared labor is out there in the corporate world and I thought I will bring in inside the precincts of my home too!

I charted out everyone’s role and even made sure that the teachers were asked to tell the children that homework was their domain even though I would check to see if they did it correctly before we called it bedtime.

It worked wonderfully well.

The kids washed their own plates after food and cleared the table, folded their own laundry and even maintained the plants and looked after the cat’s needs.

  1. Paring up as you go!

Till the time I was a stay at home parent, I had safely stashed away everything; my baby’s first clothes, his first bag, and the first spoon etc.

But with time I realized that the more I attached emotions with things the more difficult they were to be given away. Accumulating things can only mean that I have more clutter and more things to clean. I did not at all intend to spend my holidays cleaning old stuff. So, I collected all the old things and drove them to the nearest charity. I am sure the firsts are now enjoyed by many other children.

  1. Games and toys can turn your house into a playground and you need to minimize buying them. StarWalkKids has lovely toys worth the money. The best thing about the toys is that they are educational and well as entertaining.