The air we breathe in needs to be not just fresh but of good quality too. With today’s pollution and artificial scents used almost in everything, ensuring a good quality of air around you is difficult.

Feel the quality of air within your own house if not up to the mark? Here are some ways in which you can improve the air quality right away:

  • Check your air ducts. Though we would dust and clean the house, the ducts are always forgotten and ignored. Check these to ensure they are clean and free of any living organisms that may have made it their new home. Even if you are using, you need to keep the ducts clean.
  • Clean your AC filters regularly. These filters are designed to purify the air before they are circulated into the room. Unless they are cleaned regularly, the air that is going to be pumped in will not be of good quality.
  • Ensure your cooking vents are cleaned and used appropriately. Today we have electric chimneys that help in sucking out all that air around your stove while cooking. Use them when you cook, so that those impurities are not circulated inside the house.
  • Clean and air out your rugs and carpets from time to time. though you have not spilled anything on that rug in your room, it has been absorbing all the dirt from your shoes and around, for some time. keeping these rugs and carpets clean can ensure they keep up the air quality in the house along with the appearance of the house.
  • Humidity needs to be controlled. Especially in winter when we tend to keep everything closed, mildew and molds tend to grow on surfaces around the house. Similar growth and infestation can be seen during humid climates too. There are devices that can be used to keep the humidity under check.