Ever wondered how to find water leakage in the initial stage itself?? Use the following tips:

Have an eye on the water utility bills.  Any sudden spur in the bill amount is a clear indication of water leaking silently somewhere inside the home.

Check the exterior as well as interior walls regularly.  Any signs of seepage obviously indicate water leakage.  Look carefully for wet walls where the exterior paint has withered.

Water meters can be checked to prevent water leakage at the initial stage itself.

Always keep your eyes and ears open for the dripping sound which leaking taps/toilet closets give.  Tiny droplets result in considerable water wastage also.

More care is needed for silent leakage.   To find out leakage in toilet flush, drop some food color in the flush tank.  After ten minutes, if you find the coloring in the bowl then it is a clear indication of water leakage.

Check immediately if there is a damp/foul smell.  Sometimes block in rainwater drains can cause leakage.  ‘Drain service  Toronto’ comes to your rescue to maintain drains free from all worrisome blocks.

Formation of moss is a clear sign of water leakage.  Check for moss formation in walls.  Discoloring of walls due to fungus formation is also a sign of water leakage.

Use all the above tips to detect water leakage in the initial stage itself.  This will help in avoiding considerable damage to the walls.  Especially where leakage results in moistening of wood, termites will be attracted resulting in overall damage of the home.  Moist walls can also result in electrical accidents due to short circuit.  They also pose a health hazard.  Also, water leakage spoils the beauty of the home.  It can weaken the strength of the building.

It is always better to prevent water leakage rather than repair the problem.  Hence always take immediate steps to rectify the root cause of water leakage.…