5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Health Retreat

Clear out a part of your house to make into a meditation room

Creating a meditation room to retreat to when you are stressed out, sick or tired as hell can be a great way to include some peacefulness in your house. It can be a great place to retreat while you are emotionally unstable, saddened or need a place to relax. Try clearing out a single room or two and add some yoga mats with meditation equipment like seats or cushions, add some blankets and some bubble machines or whatever you want to the room.

Clean the damn bedroom for once in your life now

Clearing out all of the clutter stuck inside your bedroom such as dirty clothes, socks and books scattered all around is an annoying task but it should be done. Add some good lighting from lamps so that the room is lit with good ambience and good for sleeping schedules to. Try to remove any electrical appliances such as phones or computers to prevent you from using them when you should be going to sleep

Get a blender or a juicer to go on juice detoxes

If you are going on a cleansing diet or want to add some healthy foods into your day, things like juicing and making smoothies are great for this. You can easily find recipes from basically any health store or bookstore or the internet to find them. You can even see more at exit-5 for more information on recipes for juicing or for smoothies.

Make sure your refrigerator is stocked with fresh vegetables and fruits

Making sure your refrigerator is stacked with good foods and vegetables can be a great way to encourage healthy eating habits in your life.…

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Men’s: You Don’t Have to Feel Guilty About Living With Your Parents

The society has set a taboo that living with your parents beyond an age is not accepted. But the truth is there is nothing to feel guilty about it. Right here you would find some reasons why living with your parents might not be that bad after all.

You get to cut down the accommodation charges when you stay with your parents. Accommodation can take up a major chunk of your monthly earnings. So when you stay with your parents you can devise a plan where you and your parents can share the expenses. Thus you can both save a great deal of money. This means that you can even manage to find an expensive place in a posh locality and still shell out only a small part of the expense from your pocket.

You get to share the responsibilities when you stay together. You do not have to worry about coming home hungry. There would be freshly cooked meals waiting for you. Remember to return the favor and take the time to cook for your parents.

You do not have to come back to an empty home. You would have your parents company. Staying with them also keeps the relationship cordial.

How to make the stay a more pleasant one-

  • Make sure that you contribute financially. This way you would not cause a financial burden on your parents. When you set the finances straight you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings.
  • Share responsibilities. It should be a mutual contribution where you take care of your parents and they take care of you.
  • Keep your personal space and given them their privacy as well. Though you might be staying together when you have your personal den to retire to, it would keep the essential space every relationship requires.
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Reasons Why So Many Men Are Living With Their Parents

The number of men living in their parents or grandparents house has risen over the past decade. The scenario has started just before the 2008 recession and is still continuing. This trend is not new in the society but the same scenario happened after the great depression of 1940 when the society was trying to rebuild itself.

According to the analysis of the data, it seems few factors are responsible for this behavior among the men, although the percentage is not so high, it is just under 32%. The factors are an economic setback, debt, rent and low wages. Although there has been a significant recovery in the country economy after the recession but the wages are playing a hindrance in the path of young home buyers. Now the young Americans are getting married late and having fewer children which may be another reason for them to stay with their parents.  Demographic analysis of 1960 reports says that about 72% of men between the age of 18 to 34 were married and were living with their spouse or romantic partners but in present society, the percentage has become just half. But living single does not mean that they have to live with their parents they can opt for some other options like living alone or living with friends or roommates.

But the economic stability is most important for a young man to stay on his own. But the survey has also shown that economically stable men also opt to stay with their parents. The reason may be they a great relationship with their parents. Even the parents love to stay with their grown-up child, in a poll of 2013 about three-quarter of the parents were in the opinion that they enjoy their stay with their grown-up child and only two percent disagreed. The survey report published in mens grooming products will give you further information on this.…

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