Sometimes you think that you are using up all the space in your house!

To the extent that you think that you have no more space at all. But that is really not true. You don’t need a hawk’s vision to understand that you could add more room space to your existing homes without changing the layout and the footprint of your house itself.

Look left right up down everywhere!

If you are looking to expand your living space in your home you will need to look out and about for ideas from within. Changing the layout of the house is an expensive proposition and you will end up spending a sizeable amount of your savings on it.

If it is warranted that you change the layout you may but not unless you get an expert advice.

Here are ten ways in which you can!

  1. Attic for a bright home office

Make use of the light that filters in from the glass roof to make a home office. Now, who want set o commute?

  1. The basement for an entertainment spot

A basement can form a family center with everyone’s choices channeled in.

  1. The perfect Porsche:

Sit out with rattan and cane furniture can make your house look so ooh!

  1. Workstation under the kitchen cabinets:

Kids need a lot of space to do their homework. Ergonomically created workstations under the cabinets can help them maintain good posture.

  1. Kids bedroom in the attic:

Devise a theme and see them revel!

  1. The exuberant backyard:

The backyard settee is my idea of romance. Plopped on a swing or a chair I can keep reading to my heart’s content.

  1. Garage for a movie theatre:

I love the idea. Movies are fun when seen in the acoustic garages.

  1. A gym under my feet:

Basements can give you great gym space if you care for fitness.

  1. Places under the stairs can be used to store lot FO Knick knacks that you’d rather hide from everyday stares.

  1. Party tents in the front yard:

Very Mediterranean but wow so classy!

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